Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LOL Random

Gosh. I'm down with fever. Dehydrated and whatnot.

Went to the clinic and the Doctor wez like, yo girl, you drink water a lot or not? And I wez like, water is my bestie, NOT. Grr. I hate drinking up gallons of water just because. Dahlah nanti asyik rasa nak terkencing segala bala. AND I am literally a lazy bum. I mean, my bum refuses to get up and move its way to le toilet. Jadinya, malas minum air sebab tak mau pi toilet sebab malas nak bangun.

And the price I have to pay...

Cold feet, hot body, nauseous whatever, sakit pinggang, urine the color of root beer and many other details you might not wanna know.

And the doctor was preaching about the importance of hydrating body especially during Ramadhan yada this yada that. In my mind, I was thinking about pillows and roses and moolah and makeup stuff and that annoying pimple on the doctor's face yada this yada that.

And I miss that boy. Entah apo dibueknyo. Jauh bonar dari aden. Lambek lagi nak jumpo. Haih.

I dont know what else. I know I am nervous about my engagement in just about 19 days. Like hell wuttt. Am I ready or not. Dengan kecantikan diri tak terjaga hapa bala.

That's all. Whatever happened to me the past few days.

Shall write about my e-day preparation (kononnnnnn) next time (if I am feeling soooo rajins lah).

ps: I have no idea why I wrote all these.
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