Friday, July 27, 2012




Assalamualaikum peeps.

I just got back from the ADRF thingy. tell you what. It was FUN.

will update more about this once i've got the photos.

sekarang rasa sangat penat.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Live from Shah Alam Yawww!

Sekarang sudah berada di Shah Alam. 

Seperti biasa, Shah Alam adalah Shah Alam. 
Panas. Hujan. Panas. Hujan.

Tapi tabahkan saja. 

Sebab ada kawan kawan super best di sini. 


nama nama ini akan  banyak kali terpatri di laman ini (dan di laman hati juga).

Tapi kawan kawan super best yang lain tiada.


Sudah rindu lah pula.

Mana nak jumpa lagi kawan kawan se-awesome seperti mereka.

Di Shah Alam ini sahaja lah
bertemu. berpisah. bertemu kembali.
Kalau boleh tak mahu berpisah lagi.

Realiti kehidupan.
Terima dan cuba bertahan.

Okay. Sudah mula banyak repekan.
Sekian siaran  langsung dari Shah Alam,
tempat memori baik dan buruk peribadi.

Join This Yaw!


just wanna share with you guys this interesting contest organized by Kotex Malaysia.

loads of awesome prizes to be won by YOU!

all you have to do is buy some Kotex stuff and answer teeny weeny easy peasy questions.

and for all you know, you may be the lucky winner of  a Myvi! AWESOME right?

so, watchu waitin for? join the contest here NOW!


Ramadhan Reminder #1: Pray, Pray, Pray

picture taken from OSM (Ohsem Muslims). Like them on FB!

Let us honor the holy month Ramadhan today by praying or reciting Dua' to our beloved God, ALLAH SWT.



Dear God, 

My name is Jannah Md Isa
and I would like to have some conversation with You and make some requests from You.

So, I just wanna say that I am very grateful for every blessings 

READ: crazy family (yup, that is a blessing), loyal friends (Popoq, hausmets, U6B the Melets), my beloved H though he is really a jackass (pardon my language), everlasting enemies (they taught me stuff bout life too), the health and the wealth, the strengths and the weaknesses, great eyes, beautiful body (peduli lah), intelligence, and many other awesome abilities

that You have bestowed upon me, Your tiny, humble creation. 

And before I forget, THANK YOU for giving me more time to live in the present, to reflect my sins in the past and to amend them for the betterment of my future. 
And for saving me every time I astray myself from Your path. 
Forgive me, for I am merely human-forgetful and sinful.


I also want to express my high amazement for Your beautiful creations that You have wisely scattered all over the universe. Especially the stars and the moon and the sun. And Remy Ishak. 

Other than that, here are some requests:

1) Please bless me, my family and my friends as well as my enemies. We need  as much of Your blessings as possible so we could have continuing, blissful life together here in the world and later in the Heaven, hopefully.

2) Please provide me Your guidance as I try seek for it in every corner of Al-Quran. Grant me the strength and patience in my effort to understand Your words. 

3) Please give me 1 million ringgit and the sanity that I need so I could handle it without forgetting You. 

4) Please allow me another Dean's List-worth GPA for my current semester. I worked hard enough for it, so, I guess I deserve to earn it. If You think so, then allow me. 

5) Please make Bashar al-Assad pay for his evil deeds. I hate him.

6) Please give me the intelligence to understand men. I think they are not human. So I found it hard to comprehend them.

well, that is all that i could ever think of. for now.
we'll talk again.
and i know the list is kinda long. but um. yup. 

and did I say HOW MUCH GRATEFUL I am for all the blessings that You have given to me. 
well, THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear God. For when I am down, I know I always have You.

Enough rants. May I always be in Your rightful path. 

AMIN (u ols amin these for me as well ya!).

ps: What are you waiting for? Make a Du'a now. Or loads of them. Just do it. :)

ESSENCE Haul and Some Masks

As I have promised in the previous post, here are the stuff that I bought during the trip to Midvalley with my beloved sistah (read: IMPOSSIBLE woman).

The Essence ones were bought from Coci Coci while the others from dear Watsons.

Hence, without further due,

Behold the stuff that had mercilessly sucked my pocket dry before I even realized it!

~I just learnt how to utilize Photoscape. so. forgive the amateur editing. ^^* ~

The first batch would be the makeup stuff:

Top: Essence Blush Brush (cuteness!)

Bottom (Right-Left): Essence Lipstick in "Fashionista", Essence bronzer in 02 "love to be matte", Essence "Forget it!" Trio Concealer, Maybelline Master Liner in Black, Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in 08 "touch of glam", Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black


The second would be the skincare stuff:

I think the picture speaks for itself. TWO Purederm Masks. One for beloved sis. She really needs some pampering :D

SO, whaddya think? It is an investment right. Right? Well, i bought these stuff in under RM100. So... I mean, Raya is coming, so, you know....

The hell with that. 

I bought it. And the money is gone. T_T

ANYWAY. I am not so good at reviewing, but there are tons of other makeup blogs that had reviewed the stuff that I bought (except for the masks; I am not so sure about them), so, do check the reviews out. Ask Google for direction. 

But all I know is, I would love the Essence products for sure, especially the eyeliner. I bought the bronzer just for the sake of trying to look healthy and pretty, even when im fasting. BOLEH? Pedulik lah. 

ANYWAY. The price tags (for Essence products) are unbelievable for such good quality products. MAMA LURVES! They range from the lowest RM4.90 to the highest RM50 (maybe... And do i hear an AMEN from fellow makeup junkie?). 

The ones that I bought range from RM9.90 to RM15.90 (I hate price tags with 90 cents. leceh much). 

ANYWAY. Thousands of thumbs-up for the company.YOU GUYS practically save me from cosmetics crisis. HAHAHA.

And not forgetting Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. Hah! The name itself is already scandalous. I chose the one in "Extreme Black", just because I am extreme. AS IF. But yeah. "Extreme Black" sounds nice. To me lah. :D

So, share lah with me if you guys bought anything interesting lately. 


LATE UPDATE: Family Day 2012

and late update indeed.

so how do i sum up the event?

with one word: DRAMATIC

it was dramatic since my cousins are all highly competitive. a lil bit too much sometimes.
it was dramatic because i shed a few tears (yeah yeah boo me).
it was dramatic because of us - SHARIFAH AMINAH'S CREW.

with three words: KICK-ASS FAMILY TIME 

it was kick-ass family time because suddenly we would have our own organization, dubbed as "Nadi Che Nah" (kaitan? mampuslah.)
it was kick-ass family time because almost everyone was there and we got to be with each other.
it was kick-ass family time because we kick ass (is this acceptable??? die lah.)

I must say I ENJOYED the days with my family and CHERISHED every moment of it. drama mesti ada selalu. jika tidak, boleh mengundang kebosanan.

And now I am once again away from my family, especially my GeliGirls cousins - Amani, ShaFaix and Fatt - I feel a bit empty. Gittowh.

It is true, then, what they say,

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. 
(and i get to be the sweet ones)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Live from KL Yawww~!

Assalamualaikum fellow peeps!

I have just arrived in KL and am staying at my sis house here somewhere in Bangsar. We went shopping (BUT  i did most of the shopping, though. surprise, surprise) at Midvalley. I have bought tons of stuff which are ALL skincare and cosmetics (AGAIN. surprise,surprise). I will tell more about what i bought later on in the next post.

BTW, my sis just bought ten eggs and a big bottle of mineral water.

IMPOSSIBLE woman she is. 
yes, i have to do everything i could -largest font size+bloody maroon font+bold+underline- just so to emphasis how impossible that woman is.

Whatevs lah. Im single and i shop. Kaitan? Peduli lah pulak hakak kan.

Nonetheless, I HAVE TO be in KL.


Because I mindlessly put up my name to join this one program called "Korean-Malaysia ADRF" something something. It has got something to do with exposing our local culture to some Korean students. It is KOREAN. So, I bet on my middle finger that it would be most interesting. And this reminds me to brush up on my Korean language competence. AS IF. 

I LOVE IT because

1) it is KOREAN
2) my besties are all in this thing, so I expect deep fun
3) the money (yeah, i am kind of a material girl myself). Those who join this thing would get RM64. That would be RM16 X 4 days. Ok lah tu kan. Peduli hape aku tiket bus pergi balik dah seratus gila. -.-'

I HATE IT because

1) it is RAMADHAN. That means FAMILY. Which leads to HOMETOWN. NEVER SHAH ALAM

and yet, here I am typing Live from KL, just because...well...the pros outweigh the con. So, i figured that MAYBE this would help me sometime in the future (do I hear an AMEN?).

so, tomorrow I would again embark the journey from KL to Shah Alam (and we are talking a DREADFUL journey via public transport during Ramadhan). Hopefully, things would be all okay.

From God we came, and to Him we return, SO, I rest everything upon His ways. 

setahun berlalu

fuhh fuhh *tiup habuk*

sudah setahu tak hapdet belog. busy okeh. sudah dewasa, banyak tanggung jawab. *feeling jahhh*

btw, now is ramadhan. n i am at home.

we'll see if i can continue updating this piece of shit i have.

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