Sunday, December 2, 2012


When the one you trust the most betray you
When the one you love the most abandon you
When the one you want to be with went missing
When the one you always turn to, turn his back to you
When the one you believe in the most does not believe in you
When the one you think about the most forgets about you
When the one you seek directions from let you be lost alone 
When the one who has sense makes no sense

When you lost count how many times you cry 
When you forget the last time you felt genuinely happy
When you drown yourself with suffocating thoughts that refuse to budge
When you lay naked, cold, alone, helpless, scared, panicked, confused;

Where do you go?
What would you do?

Because no matter where you go you always get lost
Because no matter what you do things still go wrong

People say you are not strong enough
People say you do not try hard enough
BUT of course, they are not YOU
and have no clue whatsoever about being YOU

Then, you would get tired
of trying
of wanting
of being

Then, you would wanna sleep
Then, you would not wanna wake up

So you close your eyes

and say goodbye.

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