Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Sucks

Today everything sucks.

The boyfriend.

He sucks. Big time this time.

I feel like I have no boyfriend.

There. Said it.

The obligation.

Which ruins everything.

The responsibilities.

Which was not mine in the first place.

Now. It's suddenly mine. Out of my consent.

I don't want to but I have to.

It sucks aite.

The everything.

And this one tiny feeling.

Missing a person.

It sucks.

It becomes worse when you dont know whether that person misses you or not.

And it becomes even worse when you don't know how to stop yourself from being stupid and keep on missing that person.

Haish. What the heck. Today simply sucks.

Maybe tomorrow things will be better.


Just maybe.

Let's hope it will be.

p/s: typing this while listening to 2NE1's Lonely. :(

2 cupcakes:

spankuning said...

janganlah sedih2, i miss you too! :D

jannah mdisa said...

ahahaha. tak boleh tak sedih. nanti pendam2 jadi nanah gitew. jadi kena sedih jugak. :P

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