Monday, October 1, 2012

Out'N'About {#1}: IKEA & The Curve

So, today, me and my mates, without any planning, decided to go out and about around Damansara yaw. 

Of course, when it is Damansara, there must be some IKEA Meatballs time. 

So, behold~


Actually, normally, we can just ask for how many balls we feel like having, you know what I mean? It is like, if you are ballsy (pun is so intended) enough, you would go for 20 meatballs for RM20.

Thus, as a student - ugh, scratch that.
 So, as a poor student, I aimed for 5 to 7 meatballs and a plate of pasta. 

When I had my turn to order, leisurely, in fact, confidently (after being convinced by the hard-core meatballs-ian friend of mine, Ema Auzir), I said,

"Hakak! Saya nak 7 meatballs!" *fliptudungkononswag*

Hakak IKEA itu selamba hanj sahaja membalas,

"Nampak tak signboard atas ni tulis apa? 10 atau 15 atau 20 je lah!" *pancaraurasombongnokhoromdarimatadia*

And I was like, did this sistah just snap at me? Why lah, sis? Why snap? Your shit crap feces wanna come out but your anus wont allow, is it? Hm? Is that why, when you talk, stink came out? Now, shall I assume that you are like those fucktards service providers who had ugly attitude and decided to spread the virus everywhere they go? Stupid, I must say, sistah. 
Tsk tsk tsk. 
I wanted to seek some justice from the manager or sumthink, but, of course, I did not. HAHA.

And the worst part is, when I returned to our table where the boys - Boi and AJ - were waiting, I found two plates of meatballs, FIVE in each plate. WHADDAHECK, SISTAH? You gave them FIVE and me SHIT
Ha. Kan. Ha. Kan. 
Malas dah nak censor ke-vulgarity-an ai. 
Hakak tu gila ok. Mesti sebab dia tengok Boi hensem (AJ tak lah) sampai terkeluar tahi degil dia lantas buat dia mood baik and bagi diorang whatever amount of balls they wanted. 


ANYWAY, despite the major attitude issues with that crazy hakak IKEA, me being me, I still felt that it would not be right if my lunch does not include proper amount of carbs. So I went for the super cheap vegetarian pasta (it's priced for RM5!). 

And. As expected. I could not finish all of them. Gave some to Boi. And the remainder to the three Beach Friends - DyaJ, AJ & Ema.

Then we went all around the area and camwhores all over the place. 

Tsk tsk tsk. 

After we had satisfy our crazy instinct, we moved to The Curve for...



Creepy, ain't it?

As you might have guessed from the pic above, we went for LOOPER ! 

And it was AWESOME! Bruce Wills reminds me of my former lecturer, Mr. Kieran F. Johnston (God bless him for his wisdom. Really). Inspirational that man. And and and that Sid kid is the devil. 

Generally, BEST act!

AND we met "Ron Weasley". Ema was so in love with that Ronnie boy. HAHAHA!

Berapa banyak AND dah kan. 

BTW, today is awesome. Thanks, guys!

p/s: jumpa hakak IKEA tu kat mana-mana, aku nak sarung muka hodoh dia tu dengan karung, ikat tangan dia (macam dalam gambar rajah di atas), pahtu hantar dia pergi masa hadapan, sekali dengan akhlak hanj dia tuh, pi dok jauh sana. UGH.

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