Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recipes: Carbonara (Authentic Italian)


Cooking in past age usually involves with simple and little amount of ingredients. Modern interpretations, however, allow for numerous improvisations, which means complicated combination of ingredients. These kinds of recipes, usually, fail to highlight the unique taste of every ingredients. Less is always more. Something like that.

Therefore, for this post, I would like to introduce a pasta recipe which requires 4-5 ingredients, according to your own preferences. However, the original recipe only incorporates (a) pasta, (b) eggs, (c) grated parmesan cheese and (d) bacon. You can refer to the recipe here :)

Anyway, I made it for the second time already and below are some pictures of the things needed for the recipe.

Recipe Breakdown:

Step 1: Boil the pasta. Duhhhh! -.-"

Step 2: While the pasta is boiling up, you may attend the sauce ingredients. I added onions for extra flavor, but, the recipe remains SIMPLE. oh. and some sausages too. Teehee.

Step 3: Stir-fry the minced meat + sausages + diced yellow onions. Add a pat of butter or something to tie all the flavors into one harmonious taste (^-^). Then, put it aside.

Step 4: Whip up some eggs (1 egg for 1 person, usually) with grated cheese + black pepper. Whip it good 'till it becomes real thick (pasta sauce kind of consistency). Put it aside.

Step 5: Heat up the fried stuff and put in the cooked pasta (I used old basic spaghetti) and give them some good mixing and stirring. 

Step 6: Once the pasta and fried stuff are mixed well, put off the heat and put in the egg mixture. The heat from the pain will 'cook' the egg and turns it into nice carbonara sauce.


Go on and taste the best out of the eggy sauce. Delicioso! (pardon my lame Italian)

My housemates love this. 

Now, try it on! 

p/s: homemade pasta sauce is a lot easier to cook (and more delicious too!) than the canned stuff. Trust Me.

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21anis said...

"I love this!"
-her housemate! :D :D :D

really, it's delicious, i'll try to make one :p

jannahMDISA said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! it IS delicious, so you SHOULD / MUST try cooking it.

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