Saturday, July 16, 2011

the new everything

 I had revamped this blog. Totally. Deleted all the past posts. 
Why? Because when I read through my previous posts, they were all about problems, problems, problems.

So negative. No wonder  I have stress all the time. 
And now the stress affects my dental condition. My jaws are not aligned properly now. 
And mind you, it isn't comfortable at all. 

So I tried a few things to relieve the stress. Example, cooking and drawing/coloring/painting.Cooking helps me a lot. When I mix the ingredients and taste the the final products. Sedap wehhh. And people love my dishes (or so I thought). And their love provides me with satisfaction which I really need.

And then comes the drawing thingy. HAHA. Not that I am as good as Picasso (was he a famous painter or what? Because i'm not sure and his name just pop into my mind and the name sounds like a famous art figure to me. wait. who cares.) when it comes to portraying my inspirations of thoughts and emotions on a piece of pure plain white canvass. No. I just play Paint. U know, the application. HAHA. And I feel good. And proud.

TADAAA~! my ART. :)

i know, right. *clapclapclap*

And so, I've done cooking and art therapy. But I'm not yet truly happy. Or satisfied. I need more.
I need to write down my thoughts and emotions not on just canvas (or Paint sheet) BUT also in writing. Then, I can feel better. I hope so. And, this blog sudah dibiarkan usang sebegitu lama. And I must practice for my creative writing course next semester. Jadi, ini masa yang sesuai la untuk saya hidupkan blog ini semula.


So, anyway, my point is, I wish to not to be so negative now so that all the things in my life wont be so negative, and sad, and all black. Kalau negatif dari dalam, aura itu akan terpancar ke sekian alam dan membiaskan ke-negative-an itu kembali kepada diri sendiri. Geddit? So, no negativity. Besides cooking and doing art (sounds nice right. ART. haha), I think blogging can help me as well. And I hope I am able to erase all the negativity and HASRUL (no, i'm not bitter) and turn on a new leaf. 
A new perspective on things. 
A new me.
A new thing for everything.

So (how many so dah ni?), here it is. A new post for not-so-new blog. 

Let's share stuff together yeah~!

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