Sunday, July 22, 2012

Live from KL Yawww~!

Assalamualaikum fellow peeps!

I have just arrived in KL and am staying at my sis house here somewhere in Bangsar. We went shopping (BUT  i did most of the shopping, though. surprise, surprise) at Midvalley. I have bought tons of stuff which are ALL skincare and cosmetics (AGAIN. surprise,surprise). I will tell more about what i bought later on in the next post.

BTW, my sis just bought ten eggs and a big bottle of mineral water.

IMPOSSIBLE woman she is. 
yes, i have to do everything i could -largest font size+bloody maroon font+bold+underline- just so to emphasis how impossible that woman is.

Whatevs lah. Im single and i shop. Kaitan? Peduli lah pulak hakak kan.

Nonetheless, I HAVE TO be in KL.


Because I mindlessly put up my name to join this one program called "Korean-Malaysia ADRF" something something. It has got something to do with exposing our local culture to some Korean students. It is KOREAN. So, I bet on my middle finger that it would be most interesting. And this reminds me to brush up on my Korean language competence. AS IF. 

I LOVE IT because

1) it is KOREAN
2) my besties are all in this thing, so I expect deep fun
3) the money (yeah, i am kind of a material girl myself). Those who join this thing would get RM64. That would be RM16 X 4 days. Ok lah tu kan. Peduli hape aku tiket bus pergi balik dah seratus gila. -.-'

I HATE IT because

1) it is RAMADHAN. That means FAMILY. Which leads to HOMETOWN. NEVER SHAH ALAM

and yet, here I am typing Live from KL, just because...well...the pros outweigh the con. So, i figured that MAYBE this would help me sometime in the future (do I hear an AMEN?).

so, tomorrow I would again embark the journey from KL to Shah Alam (and we are talking a DREADFUL journey via public transport during Ramadhan). Hopefully, things would be all okay.

From God we came, and to Him we return, SO, I rest everything upon His ways. 

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