Monday, July 23, 2012

LATE UPDATE: Family Day 2012

and late update indeed.

so how do i sum up the event?

with one word: DRAMATIC

it was dramatic since my cousins are all highly competitive. a lil bit too much sometimes.
it was dramatic because i shed a few tears (yeah yeah boo me).
it was dramatic because of us - SHARIFAH AMINAH'S CREW.

with three words: KICK-ASS FAMILY TIME 

it was kick-ass family time because suddenly we would have our own organization, dubbed as "Nadi Che Nah" (kaitan? mampuslah.)
it was kick-ass family time because almost everyone was there and we got to be with each other.
it was kick-ass family time because we kick ass (is this acceptable??? die lah.)

I must say I ENJOYED the days with my family and CHERISHED every moment of it. drama mesti ada selalu. jika tidak, boleh mengundang kebosanan.

And now I am once again away from my family, especially my GeliGirls cousins - Amani, ShaFaix and Fatt - I feel a bit empty. Gittowh.

It is true, then, what they say,

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. 
(and i get to be the sweet ones)

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