Monday, July 23, 2012

ESSENCE Haul and Some Masks

As I have promised in the previous post, here are the stuff that I bought during the trip to Midvalley with my beloved sistah (read: IMPOSSIBLE woman).

The Essence ones were bought from Coci Coci while the others from dear Watsons.

Hence, without further due,

Behold the stuff that had mercilessly sucked my pocket dry before I even realized it!

~I just learnt how to utilize Photoscape. so. forgive the amateur editing. ^^* ~

The first batch would be the makeup stuff:

Top: Essence Blush Brush (cuteness!)

Bottom (Right-Left): Essence Lipstick in "Fashionista", Essence bronzer in 02 "love to be matte", Essence "Forget it!" Trio Concealer, Maybelline Master Liner in Black, Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in 08 "touch of glam", Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black


The second would be the skincare stuff:

I think the picture speaks for itself. TWO Purederm Masks. One for beloved sis. She really needs some pampering :D

SO, whaddya think? It is an investment right. Right? Well, i bought these stuff in under RM100. So... I mean, Raya is coming, so, you know....

The hell with that. 

I bought it. And the money is gone. T_T

ANYWAY. I am not so good at reviewing, but there are tons of other makeup blogs that had reviewed the stuff that I bought (except for the masks; I am not so sure about them), so, do check the reviews out. Ask Google for direction. 

But all I know is, I would love the Essence products for sure, especially the eyeliner. I bought the bronzer just for the sake of trying to look healthy and pretty, even when im fasting. BOLEH? Pedulik lah. 

ANYWAY. The price tags (for Essence products) are unbelievable for such good quality products. MAMA LURVES! They range from the lowest RM4.90 to the highest RM50 (maybe... And do i hear an AMEN from fellow makeup junkie?). 

The ones that I bought range from RM9.90 to RM15.90 (I hate price tags with 90 cents. leceh much). 

ANYWAY. Thousands of thumbs-up for the company.YOU GUYS practically save me from cosmetics crisis. HAHAHA.

And not forgetting Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. Hah! The name itself is already scandalous. I chose the one in "Extreme Black", just because I am extreme. AS IF. But yeah. "Extreme Black" sounds nice. To me lah. :D

So, share lah with me if you guys bought anything interesting lately. 


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