Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Story about a CHANCE

What would you do if God was to give you just one more chance to spend some time with your supposedly dead beloved?

It may sound unbelievable but not impossible.

Meet Hannah, the girl who got her wish to be with her late daddy, for the first and the last time in her life. 

She is the girl who knows it is not that impossible.

And this is her story.


“Don’t go, daddy. Stay with me, daddy. God, please, just one more minute. Just one more minute, please. Not again. Not this time. No. Please. Daddy, wait –“

The girl in her pleaded as though there were no more tomorrow. Maybe for her, there were not. Her hands were still shaking as she tried hard to digest the bitter truth. She wiped her tears with her sleeves as she realized the moment granted for her had ended. The man’s scent still lingered in her mind, challenging her tear ducts.

Hannah looked at the empty space in front of her. The past hours seemed so short now, she thought. She felt a warm rush trying to escape from her eyes. She blinked hard in hope the tear ducts lost the battle. She stood there, eyes still closed in an effort to get rid of the memories. Her whole body felt like jelly - wobbly and ready to collapse - as she fought her emotions weakly. For a second, she thought she got her wish to have her daddy back. She got it alright. But just for that hours.

The damp broke. Tears came rolling down her cheeks. She lost it and fell to the ground.

With her eyes closed, her mind traveled back in time.


The wind blew exceptionally soft tonight. No twinkling stars hanging from the dark night sky. It was just dark and still. She was driving on the road alone. She did not know where to go. She thought she just needed some escapism. The failure - her failure - is asphyxiation to her that choked every tiny bits of possible happiness that she could have in her life. Running away was what a coward would do. She did not care. She was not at her best mind. Her whole life had been in ruins. She thought of the moments when she felt so alone in this world when the truth is she had her family and friends. Sparkling tears came rolling down her wind-beaten cheeks. That was not enough, she thought. Not enough. Never enough. 

Her victories were not celebrated with him around. When she got excellent grades in those finals or when she was sent to a boarding school or when she was accepted into the college, he was not there with her. “He would never attend my wedding, would never see my husband’s face, and would never see my first child,” she thought. All her special days would pass without him in presence, without him within her reach. Her mind was miserable. She wanted him back.   

She sped faster. So fast that she did not notice she had accidentally drove on the wrong side of the traffic and suddenly, she was lying at the side of the road, head covered with gushing red blood, unable to move, alone with no one to help. The dark sky roared. Droplets of rain started to fall on her pained body. Each droplet seemed to cut her wounds deeper as she tried to scream. She knew her effort was pointless.

She felt like a total loser. She felt like going away for good. “Perfect,” she thought. She could lose it all now and escape - really escape this time - from the life that she thought had been such a hell to her. Her chest stopped moving up and down from heavy breathing. Her eye lids started to close little by little. She did not want to fight. She wanted to lose. She wanted to be gone. Suddenly, another thunder clapped. The angry, roaring sound woke Hannah’s sleeping soul up with a shocking jolt. That was when she heard a voice.

Little angel, Daddy’s here for you,” the soft voice whispered in her ears.

That voice, soft and calming, which she had been missing for years, was the most delightful sound she had ever heard. It was like cooling, hydrating rain droplets on a warm, cracked desert. And she recognized that voice very well. Could it really be him?

... to be continued!

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