Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jar of Craps

When your surroundings give you craps and though you try to escape from those craps, somehow, you end up either (a) feeling crap about yourself and everything else around you, or worse, (b) being another one great crap among the other super craps.

Uh oh! ready for crap attack?

It  is just that, lately...wait...I think I have mentioned in the previous post...but yeah, I feel like I am living in a such a crappy place. Me and my friends have always knew SHAH ALAM as one creepy crappy place that can insidiously turn you into a crappy person. I think it is like a domino effect, that is one thing leads to another kind of thing.

I am rambling.

Well, my point being that is, I HATE SHAH ALAM.

Except for a few close-knitted friends, others are just plain evil. Are city-dwellers all like this? Selfish, proud, condemning, rude, etc. They could have been the devil's best friends trying to recruit members for all I know.

Ohhh. They can even make your friends your foes. And that kills me. I mean, I don't really care about others (see, I'm becoming like "THEM"), but my own friends. Seriously? Yes. They did.

You see. I cannot afford caring about others. I am so scared of being abandoned. That is a known medical condition ok. AHHA! But. yeah. I am that kind of person who cannot, must not, ever live alone. There must be that one person (parents and siblings don't count, ya) that I can base my trust upon and cling onto. Do not  get me wrong. I am independent. But in the end of the day, when I am alone lying on the sorry-looking bed of mine, and when I check on my phone and there aren't any texts whatsoever, I get quite depressed  shitty sad. Pathetic. But True. I may look tough like a gangstah from the hood, but I am a soft-hearted gal inside.

But the tragic of that would be, the person I care about the most would always turn out to be the one who abandon me the most. And I am blaming it on SHAH ALAM.

It drowns you. Suffocates you. Chokes you. Steals your loved ones' nice and lovely selves and give you their nasty sides. Have you watched or read "The Stepford Wives" where the wives are turned into robots who slave themselves for their husbands? It is like that. 

Soul-stealer SHAH ALAM.

And have I told you about the food? UGH! Shitty. Pardon my swearings. But it is shitty. Rats and roaches running around the food courts like they own the damned place. Seriously. In my place, there would be stray cats asking for food. But here, the rats are the cats. Just how worse could it be.

WAIT. The drivers are even more worse. The air condition - CRAP. The possibility of you captured by the mosquito gang - HIGH. Serious, guys. Nyamuk di SHAH ALAM lebih meriah dari manusia.

I am sorry. Now I am the (a) one. I see craps in everything. Maybe it is not that bad. Maybe to you guys, it is a hometown. But from my eyes, my friends, this place is Hell on Earth.

Conclusion: SHAH ALAM is the worst place to settle in. DO NOT COME HERE. I warned you.

2 cupcakes:

aniemah said...

i pon x suka shah alam weih~ duduk li 3 bulan pon dah x tahan!~

jannahMDISA said...

anem! hang duduk tang mana? dah lah aku nak baca blog hang tak boleh. tak dak permission. choy!

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