Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fight


You know what they say about us having many sides. 

Well right now, mine are having a fight.

Head says, 

"Think about your future. About your life. Do not follow heart. She does not know a thing but to ruin. Trust me, I know."

Heart says,

"Future? Pfft. Life? Pfft. Follow me and you will be happy. No regrets. If this is life, then you must be living in hell, girl. Pfft. Trust me, I have felt all that."

Good says,

"Think about your loved ones. Do not be such a whiner. Life ain't that hard. You just have to live harder. Trust me. You are better than this."

Bad says,

"Pfft. I think it's about time that you think about yourself and yourself only. Chances have been given. No changes have been made. Pfft. Now, now. Just go with heart. Things could never get any worse than how things are right now, right? Trust me. You will be fine."

Damn it. 

Damn confusion.

I hate it when I'm stuck.

Stupid voices. 

Often. I just sleep it off. 


Wake up new. 









Worn out.

Sleep it off.



where is the happiness that used to be mine?

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