Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recipes: Hearty Macaroni Soup

So the annual monsoon season has hit Malaysia. People everywhere are talking about how cold it is these days and  that lazy bugs have been biting every soul.

But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE monsoon season. My heart goes very mellow. My head goes very dreamy and sleepy. My body goes cuddle-hungry. My tummy goes wild for warm food.

And warm food is the best as it somehow makes you happier and content.

I dont know.

Like Sheldon Cooper's mom said,

"When someone is sad (or something like that), we must offer the person a warm beverage". 

Or like they say warm food is comfort food.

Or like warm sunshine radiating happiness.

Bottom line; anything warm is uplifting!

And what is warmer and healthier than a bowl of "Hearty Macaroni Soup"? It is delicious and can be easily prepared as well. Perfect as a meal on a rainy day and lazy day!

Now, lets check out the recipes!


Macaroni (a handful or a cup, or more, per person)
Beef broth/stock (enough for boiling up the macaroni and as soup base)
Tomato puree (1 1/2 tbsp for every cup of broth)
Minced beef (omit this if you prefer vegetarian meal)
Root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, zucchini, etc)
Herbs (oregano, thyme)
Ground black pepper and salt to taste
Grated parmesan cheese to satisfaction :)


1) Prepare all the ingredients. Heat up the broth in a pot.
2) Once the broth boils up, put in the tomato puree and macaroni.
3) When the macaroni is already half-cooked, put in the veges and the meat.
4) Turn down the heat and let everything simmer to deliciousness.
5) After about 10 minutes, or when everything is cooked and tender, put off the heat and ladle the goodness into a nice bowl.
6) Stir in the herbs.
7) Season with salt and pepper.
8) Top it up with a mountain of grated parmesan cheese.


9) Set yourself on a couch. Turn on your favorite show. Enjoy!

My final product :D

* darn. I'm salivating while writing these down. T.T *

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