Monday, November 12, 2012

UiTM Mock Trial 2012: Just My 99 Cents

So. UiTM Mock Trial 2012: Musical Extraganza. Whaddya think?

I think, it was an okay. Not awesome, not awful. And my judgement is purely based on the Tweets and from my own experience going to the practice sessions and from a comparison with another show by professional theater production. Yes, I did not watch it. But, this post is just a response to the bashful tweets.

Some tweeted that it was so bad it insulted their intelligence. But, you see, dear bashers, (and I am not saying this because of Dya), I had seen worse shows done by PROFESSIONAL theater productions. No, I do not like the Radna Kadhal thingy. The values, the themes, the plot, the characters - I have seen it all in many other Tamil or Hindi movies. I could even predict what's gonna happen next. But of course, the acting by Aloy Paradoks especially was TIP-TOP. THAT was Radna Kadhal. But we are commenting on UiTM Mock Trial 2012. Done by Law students. A second production. Still a beginner. Insult your intelligence? Really? Was it because there were no values whatsoever to you OR you could not find the values yourself? Now, look closely.

From what I understood, (because I had accompanied my friend to the practice sessions) and from the promotion poster, the value is to understand that the judges in the world may give false trial and thus give injustice jurisdiction, BUT the ultimate judge would be The Divine, "The One" who would judge all of us in the second and final trial in the hereafter. Thus, the last witness, "Saksi Terakhir", that would have the last say, that would determine who's innocent and who's guilty is - God. And I think that value is quite a BANG BANG BOOM, compared to the values or messages that Radna Kadhal tried to convey. All I'm saying is, how could such values insult anybody's intelligence? Not mine, for sure. Or maybe. I am not intelligent enough to find it insulting. Idk.

Yes, there were some technical flunks, as I heard. Radna Kadhal, on the first day of viewing, pun ada kesilapan teknikal yang major. Contoh, projector tak project subtitles yang crucial untuk faham skrip sebab pelakon berrtutur bahasa Tamil. So, you see, itu produksi Radna Kadhal. Itu produksi profesional. TETAPI ramai juga beri review memberangsangkan. So? Cano tu?

I think people were being too bashful instead of giving constructive critiques. There is a friend of us in there. Be considerate. The production team is still a junior. Be considerate. Of all the possible good values that could be learnt, only the flaws and faults were found. And we talk about wanting to foster positive thinking. Pfft.

This is just my 99 cents.

Hope this does not insult anybody's intelligence.


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