Monday, November 12, 2012

Mega Drama of the Week

So, last Friday, iols went back to Dengkil, aka, le new casa of le sistah. On my way there, I heard the news that le lecturer went over the moon due to the fact that there were only 5 of my classmates who managed to enter the classroom before he locked the door. Yup. They still do that in universities. I support his action, though. I could only imagine his disappointment. That happened AFTER he warned us that he would lock the door. I think I would do the same if I were him. Maybe more. I am not proud of the fact that I skipped the  class but I had family matters. Not that I purposely did not wanna go. So I wonder what made my classmates behaved like that. Funny, funny. Kesian lecturer tu. *if they read this, me gonna be hated for real*

That put aside, on the night, there was UiTM Mock Trial 2012: Musical Extravaganza. Of course, I had to miss the event. Sad, yeah. Because my bestie, Dya Jasni , was one of the actresses. Am I a proud mama or what? But you know, family ALWAYS come first. To prove that, many things have to be sacrificed. And Dya totally understands my situation, thus, a bestie. So, I called her before she went on stage to wish her "Good Luck" and there I thought, "Okay lahhhhhh. She would do great." Next thing I knew, people were "KINDA" bashing the production team on Twitter. I was in the car travelling to Segamat, and my only source to updates on the event is Twitter. So, I scrolled through the page and I could not find any positive remarks. And I found it very shocking because sincerely I do not think it would be that bad. (full review in the next post).  Thousands of hugs for the production team and my Dya. Sokkay. Things would not be as fun without challenges. :)

Aaaaaaand then, sampai lah Segamat. Pom pang pom pang kahwin nikah dan sebagainya, my granny pulak tiba-tiba jatuh sakit. Lung infection. She's very stubborn. Takmau minum ayaq semua ada. Pahtu demam panas. But I dont know whether I could laugh or not bila dia meracau racau tu (demam panas kan), dia seru nama Chong Wei. What a fan. So Chong Wei, kau jumpa nenek aku nanti, mohon salam cium kaki. Hahahaha! But my granny's getting better. Called my mom last night, she said tok dah bercakap seperti biasa = garang = sihat. Lol. 

Aaaaaaaand yesterday, I was over the cloud 9. *hint hint*. HAHAHAHA!

Kepada Sang Awan,

Awak kalah di atas padang
Tapi menang selalu di hati saya.

Aiceh. Hahaha. Kbye.

Oh. And then semalam pergi IKEA dengan Dya dan Po. Then only I realised I lost my ATM card. Pungkoq sunggoh. GRRRRRR.

Soooo, quite an emotional weekend I had. Sad lah, happy lah, fluffy lah, angry lah, disappointed lah. But that's life lah. My life, at least.

And these do not include YOLO dramas.


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